Interior decoration of a lecture hall at The Danish Institute in Athens.

The artwork encompass five collages, two clothes trees, a piano shawl, a rostrum as well as a reorganisation of the room.

Redesign, decor, furniture
Athens, Greece

The room is beautiful in itself, and architecturally it is kept in a clean and simple style. The auditorium is primarily used for lectures, but is also occasionally used for conferences and seminars.

Roepstorff’s artistic contribution to the auditorium encompasses the aesthetics and function of the entire space as an integrated whole. As the room is relatively small, she also proposed a general and permanent clean-up so that the project would end up as a beautiful and clear entity.

Experience the room at The Danish Institute at Athens,
Herefondos 14, Platia Aghias Aikaterinis, Plaka, 105 58 Athens,

The interior decoration has been realized in collaboration with The Danish Institute at Athens and hasenkamp Fine Art Logistics.

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