The goal has been to create a universe which will embrace the individual. The starting point is the seasons of the year, day and night, child and adult. The result is an abstract landscape of forms, colors and figures, which can be interpreted individually based on personal matters.

Interior and decor
Kolding, Denmark

The decor of the reception shows the idea transferred to walls and floors.

It is kept in soft, dusty reddish tones leading way into the waiting room, where the walls are soft green and rosy.

The intention is that these changing flows in color tones will support orientation and ease the navigation for the visitor.

Sounds and wooden objects are part of the decoration as well.

The door openers in the hospital halls are replaced by wooden balls in different colors and sizes hovering in the air as nodes and tones.

On specific locations kalimbas are installed, which can be played on by passers-by and guests waiting.

The soundscape is simple and calming.

Experience the artwork at Kolding Hospital, Sygehusvej 24, 6000 Kolding, Denmark.

The decorations have been realized in collaboration with Kolding Hospital, Statens Kunstfond, Malergården i Fredericia ApS and bo-glas a/s.

Studio Roepstorff.

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