A visible marble ball runs down before a painted composition. Birds accompany the rhythmical sound of the balls – the sound stretching out into the large hall.

Large-scale marble run
Copenhagen, Denmark

Kirstine Roepstorff chose to create a handcrafted marble run in the hall at the library of KUA.

With a height of 18 meters and 20 meters wide, the wall connects different levels and spaces of a central area of the university. It‘s colorful background composition in combination with bubinga wood contrasts the architecture of the space. Roepstorff created a marble run, that spans from the 3rd floor to the bottom crossing the wall various times.

The marbles can be picked up at the ground floor and physically be brought to the top in order to send them on a journey creating a playful com- position of sound and “Klang”. The visible marble runs before a painted composition with birds that accompany the rhythmical play stretching out into the big hall. Roepstorff invites students, professors, employees, and visitors to actively participate in a playful, unorthodox manner, creating a sound piece that slightly varies from one time to the other, depending on the speed of the marble.

Listen to the sound of Klangfrø in this video:

Experience the artwork at Copenhagen University, Njalsgade 120, Building 22, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

Klangfrø has been realized in collaboration with Copenhagen University, Deco Painter David Drachmann, Mason Per Rosenkilde, Interzone Berlin, and EMArt.

Studio Roepstorff

JJ Film, 2017

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