The tubular bell is connected to Aarhus University Hospital, where new parents, when their baby is born, via an app can activate an alarm that has been connected to the bell. This happens around 16 times a day. The sound can be heard by visitors at DOKK1, who can also touch the bell and in that way feel the vibrations from the newborn.

Baby bell
Aarhus, Denmark

The three-ton-heavy tubular bell GONG is installed inside the harbour-center, DOKK1, which houses the city library of 28,000 square-meters.

The bell is made of bronze and decorated with engravings. On one side there is a rising sun and on the other side an infinity sign.

At the maternity ward of Aarhus University Hospital it is possible to experience a 1:10 model of GONG.

The artwork is mentioned in the book “Kunsten imellem os. 53 værker, du aldrig vil glemme (The Art between Us. 53 Works of Art You Will Never Forget)” written by Lisbeth Bonde and published by Kristeligt Dagblads Forlag, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2024. 

Listen to GONG in the video:

Experience the artwork at DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark and at Aarhus University Hospital.

GONG has been realized in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, Alectia, Rambøll, SHL, Galleri Profilen, Holger Hönck & Sandra Stemmer, GRASSMAYR GLOCKENGIESSEREI GmbH, Alm. Brand.

Axel Schütt
Studio Roepstorff.

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