Cosmic Dance

An abstraction of the solar system to remind us that planet Earth, although it sometimes seems big and chaotic, is just a small part of the solar system, which in turn is a small part of even larger systems of star groups and galaxies – and so it goes on, in an infinite unfolding of smaller parts of even larger structures.

Fjellhamar, Norway

All around us is an infinity of order and systems, rhythm and motion, all synchronised to great precision and with great and incomprehensible beauty. When we find our finite world unsettled and uncomfortable, we can remind ourselves of our origins in the distant galaxies and lean into the great black cushion of ordered infinity.

The installation may be interpreted as a meteor that has landed at the school. A meteor is a piece of a star. The meteor was torn from the star at decided to land bringing with it the solar system.

With Cosmic Dance Kirstine Roepstorff reminds us that the human body originates from star dust. From this perspective we are all small stars with parts of the Universe inside us.

Experience the artwork at Fjellhamar Public School, Marcus Thranes vei 96, 1472 Fjellhamar, Norway.

Cosmic Dance has been realized in collaboration with Lørenskog Municipality, MOE A/S, Betonmast AS and POM Industries A/S.

Photos and drawings:
Lørenskog Municipality and Studio Roepstorff

Lørenskog Municipality

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