Randers, Denmark, 2023


Bib au Natura is a 1:1 excavation of the floor plan of Randers Library providing the library with a platform for off-site events in the scenic surroundings of Nordre Fælled. Events held in the light of the lamp thereby introducing the frequent users of the Randers Library to the magnificent 140 acres nature of Nordre Fælled simultaneously among the local residents raising awareness of Randers Library and what it has to offer. 

The significance of cultivating a love for reading, nurturing curiosity, and fostering a thirst for learning is evident in its positive impact on our mental and psychological well-being. This principle holds true for both the broader community and for individuals and groups who might feel partially excluded.

In this context, public libraries play a pivotal role, serving as communal hubs for interpersonal activities that fortify both the local vicinity and the broader community. The tradition of libraries is a global cultural phenomenon that took shape long before our era and manifests itself in various forms around the world today.

Within a welfare democracy, the library’s broad and inclusive integration holds a central place in society, underlining the belief that access to knowledge is a universal right, attainable by those who seek and embrace it.

From the inception of the first libraries in our nation, the self-perception of libraries has undergone a significant transformation. Initially, libraries were exclusive and confined spaces reserved for a privileged few who were acutely aware of the association of knowledge with power. 

Presently, libraries function as hubs for sharing knowledge and culture, striving to reach as wide an audience as possible across the diverse spectrum of society. Almost every city of a certain size boasts a centrally situated library that extends its reach through initiatives like library buses and school libraries to connect with smaller neighbourhoods.

It is precisely this vision that we would like to expand and challenge by placing a replica of Randers Library on Nordre Fælled in the form of an “excavation” of the floor plan of the library buildings, which makes itself available to the exterior.

Experience the artwork at Nordre Fælled, 8930 Randers NØ, Denmark. 

Bib in Natura has been realized in collaboration with Bysekretariatet, Randers Library and the Danish Nature Agency. The project was supported by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. 

Photos and drawings:
Bysekretariatet, Randers and Studio Roepstorff.

Bysekretariatet, Randers.

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