Experience art by Kirstine Roepstorff in 2024

Exhibitions, Art Fairs, Talks & Lectures 2024

Till Jan 10: Christmas Show, group exhibition at 2112, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jan 16 – Feb 24: Cosmic Connection, group exhibition at Galerie MøllerWitt, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jan 26 – Jan 28: Art Herning, art fair at MCH Herning Congress Center, Herning, Denmark

Apr 11 – Jun 11: Window decorations at patisserie La Glace, Copenhagen, Denmark. In the guest salon also find a 2016 collage A cake in one hand and the future in the other by Roepstorff as part of the permanent decor

May 29 – Sept 30: 3 Art Impacts, group exhibition at Sankt Hans, Roskilde, Denmark

June 8 – Sept 6: Kirstine Roepstorff for Vipp, solo exhibition at Vipp Flagship Store, Copenhagen, Denmark

June 12 – June 14: MY home – 3 days 1 man 10 women, group exhibition at Grenaa Creative, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Sept 18 – Oct 27: Frieze Sculpture 2024, group exhibition at Regent’s Park, London, Great Britain

Oct 11 – Mar 9, 2025: When You Lose Control, group exhibition at Glas, Ebeltoft, Denmark


Apr 8 at 4 pm: Open lecture on her work with art in public spaces at Funen Art Academy, Odense, Denmark

May 1 at 7:30 pm: Artist talk on artistic curiosity, sensitivity and what pushes the artist forward in the creative landscape at Engelsholm Folk High School, Bredsten, Denmark

June 12 at 5:15 pm: Artist talk on art and mental health in a conversation with Thomas Eisenhardt from Aaben Dans dance theater. Find the talk at the Central Storehouse (Centralmagasinet), Sankt Hans, Roskilde, Denmark

7 JUNE 2024

53 Works of Art You Will Never Forget

Discover the kingdom’s best works of art with Lisbeth Bonde.

With the book “Kunsten imellem os. 53 værker du aldrig vil glemme” (“Art Between Us. 53 Works of Art You Will Never Forget”), art critic Lisbeth Bonde has created a unique guide to Danish,  Faroese, and Greenlandic art, tailored to both the experienced art connoisseur and the curious cultural consumer. It is the first broadly communicative book on Danish contemporary art on the market.

One of the artworks mentioned is Kirstine Roepstorff’s GONG – a baby bell at DOKK1 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Discover GONG.

24 APRIL 2024

Galactic Common Park at Aalborg University

On the occasion of Aalborg University’s 50th anniversary, Spar Nord Fonden has granted almost DKK 6 million to realize Kirstine Roepstorff’s work: The Galactic Community Park.

A lawn in Aalborg East, Denmark, will now be transformed into a magical universe that invites everyone in the local area to come together.

Rector Per Michael Johansen is excited that it will now be possible to fulfill the students’ wishes, while also benefiting the area’s many residents and visitors.

Read more

5 MARCH 2024

Nidaros, Trondheim

March 4 and 5 Kirstine Roepstorff was invited to attend an artists seminar at the cathedral as part of a a decoration competition that will result in new doors for the west portals. 

Another time travel for Roepstorff, this time with the Nidaros spaceship. The incredible and monumental cathedral of Trondheim, Norway representing time, materials and long forgotten techniques some dating back till the year 1070.

21 FEBRUARY 2024

Glass blowing training

Part of the preparations for the upcoming exhibition ‘The Art of Losing Control’ at the Glas Museum of Glass Art in Ebeltoft, Denmark, has included a full-day workshop at the museum in their glass workshop. Blow glass sprinkled with sand and it’s like creating a universe.

In this exhibition artists from two continents, Europa and Asia, reflect, interpret and give the loss of control of our time an aesthetic and artistic expression, and the artists look at loss of control from many different points of view: physical and mental loss of control, ecstacy, giving up or introspection. The theme is well in line with Roepstorff’s Earth School projects.

Read about the exhibition.


Tapestries for Koldinghus

This project began in 2017 with the support of the New Carlsberg Foundation, and the Studio has just received some photos of the ongoing tapestry production in France.

Together with Bjørn Nørggard, Tal R, Alexander Tovborg, and Mobilier National Roepstorff will create 16 tapestries that will eventually decorate the walls of the Danish Koldinghus Castle.

Photo: SEHEN

23 NOVEMBER 2023

Landart along the highway

Along the highway near Rødby, Denmark, a large-scale landscape work is to be created – where the highway towards the future Fehmarn Belt connection between Denmark and Germany crosses the landscape that agriculture has helped shape for many centuries, but which is now zoned for wild nature and recreation. The starting point is the contrasting encounter between slow, wild nature and linear infrastructure – and the work must be both visible from a distance at high speed and be experienced up close and consumed with the body and senses.

The project is one out of four initiated by the New Carlsberg Foundation and Realdania. Kirstine Roepstorff takes part in the competition in a team with the Danish landscapers DETBLÅ.

Read more from the New Carlsberg Foundation.

15 NOVEMBER 2023

Mentioning in ELLE Decor Italy

In ELLE Decor Italy you may find an article on architecture worth noticing in Kirstine Roepstorff’s home area. 

At the Studio we stumbled upon it because the magazine also mentions HYDRA.

HYDRA is a work of public art by Kirstine Roepstorff that also functions as a parking house.

Read the article.

Explore HYDRA.

14 NOVEMBER 2023

Live at KINDL, Berlin: Band ACO with guests

Until Nov 18 you may experience the wonderful Art Critics Orchestra (ACO) in Berlin at KINDL’s Maschinenhaus M0

It’s daily from Nov 14 – Nov 18 2023.

The focus of ACO will be an improvised recording studio and an attempt to record new songs with guests such as Øystein Aasan, Saâdane Afif, Dave Allen, John Bock, Maria Brinch, Keren Cytter, Claus Föttinger, Christian Jankowski, Anna Meyer, Marina Naprushkina, Kirstine Roepstorff, Karin Sander, Stefanie von Schroeter, Ross Sinclair, Annika Ström, Melou Vanggaard, Silke Wagner a. o.

Photo: Frida Gregersen

12 OCTOBER 2023

Look into the mosaic eye

Written by Aaron Moulton, curator and anthropologist

Light bends into itself, images fold and twist, representational reality flows like water.

Peeping, searching, scrying we look for answers to the everyday and the existential in technology, algorithms, data: oracles of another color, different bottle same wine. 

Divination is a lost science and yet we use it daily without knowing or wishing to acknowledge how much we revert to the intuitive impulse to “see”.

The most enlightened condition of “not-knowingness” has now…

Read full article.

Photo: Frida Gregersen

9 OCTOBER 2023

Earth School - Classroom No. 1

Press Release

How do we orient ourselves in a new era?

In ancient times, sailors could navigate the oceans by looking up at the night sky. They had, over generations, developed an inner technology. Today, to a much greater extent, we have replaced this inner technology with an external one. One could argue that we have outsourced our inner autonomy and power.

In an expanding world of information, opinions…

Read full press release.


Superheroes at POM Industries A/S

We have found the most awesome collaborators in the Danish smiths at POM Industries A/S.

They have got the required patience, artistic sensitivity and amounts of coffee required to make art happen.

Read the full article in TEKNIQ.


Kissed by Nature

This week the exhibition ‘First There Is A Mountain’ at Wadden Tide was embraced by the forces of Mother Nature.

When Varde Municipality planned the exhibition their starting point was this quote by Quingyan Weixin, who lived 800 AD in China:

’First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.’ Indeed, one might add.

Great welding work done by POM Industries A/S!


TV appearance

This week TVSYD dropped by the Studio for an interview on the inspiration to Through the Mosaic Eye created for this year’s Wadden Tide exhibition at Blåvand Beach.

Watch the news item.

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