Live at KINDL, Berlin: Band ACO with guests

Until Nov 18 you may experience the wonderful Art Critics Orchestra (ACO)  in Berlin at KINDL’s Maschinenhaus M0 It’s daily from Nov 14 – Nov 18 2023. The focus of ACO will be an improvised recording studio and an attempt to record new songs with guests such as Øystein Aasan, Saâdane Afif, Dave Allen, John Bock, […]

What to watch in Copenhagen? mentions the opening of Earth School – Classroom No. 1 at gallery 2112, Holbergsgade 20, Copenhagen. A perfect place to bee during the autumn break. The exhibition closes November 25 2023.

Look into the mosaic eye

Written by Aaron Moulton, curator and anthropologist Light bends into itself, images fold and twist, representational reality flows like water. Peeping, searching, scrying we look for answers to the everyday and the existential in technology, algorithms, data: oracles of another color, different bottle same wine.  Divination is a lost science and yet we use it […]

Earth School Classroom No. 1

Press release, October 2023 How do we orient ourselves in a new era? In ancient times, sailors could navigate the oceans by looking up at the night sky. They had, over generations, developed an inner technology. Today, to a much greater extent, we have replaced this inner technology with an external one. One could argue that […]

Kissed by Nature

This week the exhibition ‘First There Is A Mountain’ at Wadden Tide was embraced by the forces of Mother Nature. When Varde Municipality planned the exhibition their starting point was this quote by Quingyan Weixin, who lived 800 AD in China: ’First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.’ Indeed, […]

TV appearance

This week TVSYD dropped by the Studio for an interview on the inspiration to Through the Mosaic Eye created for this year’s Wadden Tide exhibition at Blåvand Beach. Click the button and watch the news item:

First There Is A Mountain Official Program

Experience magnificent art in the Danish World Heritage landscape when the exhibition ‘First There is a Mountain’ opens at Blåvand Beach. The West Coast’s largest free, open-air art event returns. From August 31 – October 1. Varde Municipality is hosting the recurring art exhibition Wadden Tide at Blåvand Beach for the fourth time. This year […]

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