Written by Nina Hermansen, journalist at AAU Communication and Public Affairs

On the occasion of Aalborg University’s 50th anniversary, Spar Nord Fonden has granted almost DKK 6 million to realise Kirstine Roepstorff’s work: The Galactic Community Park. A lawn in Aalborg East will now be transformed into a magical universe that invites everyone in the local area to come together.

In the UK, universities with unique campus environments have been built for centuries. And before the end of the year, students, staff and guests at Aalborg University can experience something similar.

The park will be built on a windswept lawn close to Aalborg University’s library, and with its 6,000 square meters, it will function as a multi-level social and changing leisure and study space. There will be nooks and corners for reading, conversation and games in a landscape of trees, fruit bushes, paths, colorful lamps and pavilions.

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The present park:

Sketches of the future park:

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