Written by Aaron Moulton, curator and anthropologist

Light bends into itself, images fold and twist, representational reality flows like water.

Peeping, searching, scrying we look for answers to the everyday and the existential in technology, algorithms, data: oracles of another color, different bottle same wine. 

Divination is a lost science and yet we use it daily without knowing or wishing to acknowledge how much we revert to the intuitive impulse to “see”.

The most enlightened condition of “not-knowingness” has now somehow become a feared state in our time of sectarian absolutes. We are only using the forced flip of a coin to “pick a side”.

How quick we divide into groups, stereotypes, tribes. And yet it is the ability to trust the sound of the wind, feel the patterns of the fish in the sea or the birds in the sky, and establish alternative trusts in the pseudoscientific kaleidoscopic patterns that will truly reveal the flows of humanity.

It is a new school we are wishing for.

A school that allows us to better let go of the black and the white and feel our steps float along the path. It is in the Greek understanding of these energies, in the Platonic realm of this divine breath known as “pneuma” that we can emancipate our energetic impulses into a better place for understanding and accepting the unknown.

What can my fear teach me?

Look at it in the face that emerges from the clouds, from the gossamer of smoke, from the twisting vortex that defies our concrete reflexes of knowledge. 

Here we arrive at the new school that has been teaching us the path since time immortal.

You can feel it the moment you stop trying to feel it.   

Everything flows.

Let go and you can feel it.

It is to understand that you are the path and not defined by it that allows you to become water. 

Look into the mosaic eye to “see”.

November 30, 17.30 – 18.30

Pseudo-ostension and the invention of sacred tradition

For the final lecture of Earth School, Kirstine Roepstorff and Aaron Moulton will discuss how we can better navigate the energetic paradoxes of everyday life through tactical storytelling, magical thinking and setting intentions.

The conversation takes place at 2112, Holbergsgade 20, Copenhagen and will be in English.

No sign up and no admission fee.

Explore the mosaic eye from Friday October 13 till December 2 at gallery 2112, Holbergsgade 20, Copenhagen.

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