Press release, October 2023

How do we orient ourselves in a new era?

In ancient times, sailors could navigate the oceans by looking up at the night sky. They had, over generations, developed an inner technology. Today, to a much greater extent, we have replaced this inner technology with an external one. One could argue that we have outsourced our inner autonomy and power.

In an expanding world of information, opinions, spin, manipulation of truths, and falsehoods, finding direction can be truly challenging.

Facts are relative, and truths and lies have entered an impressive level of osmotic interrelations.

To understand or perhaps experience our inner orientation, it helps to understand the space around us – and the forces or systems we are part of.

On Earth as well as in Cosmos.

Earth School is the certainty of wholeness.

Earth School is slow visual poetry.

Reading the world while the world reads us.

Kirstine Roepstorff

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